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Author of 5 Best-Selling Policies and Procedures Books


Credentials: PMP, CRM, CFC, CSQE, MBA and Author of a Suspense-Thriller Novel and a Golf Book

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Biography Highlights:  I have been writing and selling my policy and procedure books since 1984.  I wrote my first book, “Establishing a System of Policies and Procedures,” in 1984; the book was published by Prentice-Hall, Inc with a different title.  The remaining four books were written between 1995 and 2016; since this time, each of my 5 books have been updated and are current and will always remain current.  I have sold more than 100,000 books to more than 125 countries from 1984 to NOW.


I have held the job of Policies and Procedures Writer / Manager since 1979. I offer my experience of being an employee (NOT a Consultant) with TRUE, HANDS-ON experience.  While I have also been a consultant, it is important to recognize the difference between an employee writing policies and procedures and consultants writing policies and procedures.


Employees have accountability to their results, consultants do not have accountability for their results after they move on. Consultants complete their assignment and move on. NOW if the Company has any problems with the processes and documents written by the consultant, the consultant is often nowhere to be found. While you can contract with consultants, please be certain that someone with knowledge works with him/her to learn the consultants' methods for researching, writing, editing, and approving documents.


I am currently retired but I do freelance writing on the side. I am available for consulting for writing policies and procedures, updating a Company's policies and procedures program, training employees in the art of writing effective policies and procedures, and making significant improvement to current policies and procedures. NOTE: I am also a certified records manager (since 1987) and can also consult in this area as well. While I will consult with your company, I can also be available as a remote writer anytime you need my skills and anytime you wish to write a revision to any document I have written. I try not to be the type of consultant that moves on after the assignment is done.


Methods and Techniques you will learn from my work: (At a Minimum)

  1. Researching existing documentation and searching the Internet for reference material
  2. Conducting interviews and facilitating team meetings
  3. Taking notes, creating flow charts, and converting notes into structured documents
  4. Establishing a document numbering system
  5. Creating an approved Writing Format Template (using my template as a starting point)
  6. Creating a table of contents (of topics to address for your policy/procedure program, e.g. Human Resources topics, Manufacturing topics, Financial topics, and so on)
  7. Creating a review and approval process
  8. Developing communications and training programs
  9. Creating a review plan to address changes to policies and procedures in real-time
  10. Creating an improvement methodology to make improvements and cost savings to the content and processes contained within your written documents


Ways to Purchase:

  1. Directly from me – refer to Price List for instructions. With your purchases, you receive a FREE Writing Format Template and FREE Advice anytime.
  2. Directly from Amazon (Physical or Kindle-formatted books). NOTE: If you email me, I will still send you a free writing format template EVEN if you don't buy from my website directly.